Developing a Lifestyle of Receiving, Becoming & Releasing God’s Power

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Learn about God's ability and how your inheritance as a son or daughter is to receive power and to live a power-filled life.


Experience the transformational power of God and become the powerful person He has created you to be.


Explore how to release and multiply a life-changing power to the world around you!

Join Leif Hetland, Founder of Global Mission Awareness, on this exploration & impartation of an upgrade in power!

During this 12-part eCourse, you’ll hear from Leif and several influential leaders, including Randy Clark, Bill Johnson & Jeff Yuen as they share & impart what it means to cultivate a lifestyle of power!

What To Expect

I want to provide you with access into my own journey to receive, become and release power as well as interviews with key leaders who have embodied power as a lifestyle.

This 12-part e-Course includes:

9 practical teaching sessions on how to receive, become and release power


Activations, impartation, takeaways and FREE additional resources by Leif Hetland like the mp3, "Stewarding the Supernatural" and "The Ultimate Transformation Manual"


3 exclusive interviews with Randy Clark, Bill Johnson and Jeff Yuen

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The lifestyle of power that God has designed us to walk in is exciting, dynamic & transformative for us & the world around us.

You don’t have to live another day feeling powerless!

A Note from Your Instructor…

I truly believe that power is love demonstrated. Over the past 20 years, I’ve experienced amazing victories and profound disappointments while pursuing a power-filled life. My experiences have caused me to connect with people who are on a similar pursuit toward a lifestyle of power. Since my first encounter with the power of God, i’ve traveled to over 90 countries and have seen tens of thousands of people saved, healed and delivered.

My heart is for the world to encounter a God who looks just like Jesus. Jesus was known for revealing God’s love to the world through demonstrated power. One of the ways that we are able to see doors open and hearts melted, by the love of God, is by inviting them into an encounter with His power. God loves to reveal His power through us, and He is waiting for us to tap into His ability, so that we can see the invisible and do the impossible.

I want to share with you my personal journey in receiving an upgrade in power. You will have access to stories of victories and disappointments and insight into how I received my breakthrough in power. I’m excited to embark on this journey with you!

"God doesn't anoint you when you are trying to be someone else. God anoints the authentic self!"

- Jeff Yuen

"When Jesus rebuked the storm the bible tells that he spoke peace to the waves. He was able to release peace to the storm because he had peace on the inside. You can have authority over any storm that you can sleep in. The reality is that you can only release peace on the outside when you have peace on the inside"

- Bill Johnson

"We grow in the gifts by practicing and receiving feedback and not being afraid to miss. Don't be afraid of being wrong! Sometimes the times when you are unsure and nervous can be the times that you give a word that brings an amazing healing! "

- Randy Clark


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