Developing A Lifestyle of Receiving, Becoming & Releasing God’s Love & Power

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Join Leif Hetland, Founder of Global Mission Awareness, on this impartation of an upgrade in love & power.

This bundle includes the Upgrade in Love & Upgrade in Power eCourse. You’ll instantly gain access to 24 videos where you’ll hear from Leif and several influential leaders as they share & impart what it means to cultivate a lifestyle of love + power.

A Note from Your Instructor…

For over 20 years, I have been a student of love & its transformative power on me & the world. This exploration has taken me to over 90 countries, seeing over one million Muslims and countless others come to know and walk with the love of Jesus.

One thing that I am aware of more and more as I travel the globe is this - love is a journey. Just when I think I am loving well, be it myself, my family or those I encounter around the world, I am faced with an opportunity for an upgrade!

We are constantly facing situations in our own personal world or on a global level where love is the only answer. Love is the language the blind eyes can see and the deaf ears can hear.

I want to share with you my discoveries from over 20 years testing love in some of the darkest places. I want to allow you access into my own personal journey and connect with you some of my friends who have embodied love as a lifestyle!

Whether you are a pastor, leader, homemaker, student or professional, I am certain of this - we are all in need of an upgrade!

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