Do you REALLY know how to love?

You might be reading this thinking ‘I am actually known for loving people well!’ That is amazing and we celebrate that! What we are also aware of is that love is a process where we are constantly learning and growing. As we place ourselves in situations desperately in need of love, there is a withdrawal and we find ourselves being stretched, challenged and in need of more from the source - GOD!

Take this short assessment to see if you really are loving from FULLNESS!


Congratulations! You are loving those around you with full measure and are re-presenting Jesus well!


Congratulations! You are loving well but we sense that you might desire an upgrade in love!

RESULT: Looks like you are STARTING OUT in LOVE

Welcome to the journey of discovering your upgrade in love! Delight and fullness are just around the corner - what are you waiting for?

You get cut off in traffic, how likely are you to yell at the other driver?

Your spouse does the same thing over and over again that drives you crazy, how likely are you to “get even?”

You see a homeless person in need, how likely are you to stop and acknowledge them?

You are at church and you hear how a family was just blessed with a new car, how likely are you to secretly harbor feelings of jealousy?

In prayer, you ask God for help in an area and over time seem to get none, how likely are you to give up?

How likely are you to treat a loved one based on their behavior rather than how God sees them?

There is a person that rubs you the wrong way and you see them in public, how likely are you to avoid them?

You are in the bathroom and you hear other people saying disparaging things about someone you love, how likely are you to confront them in love?

Your friend is late, AGAIN, how likely are you to be kind when they appear, expecting the best rather than the worst?

You just won an award at work, how likely are you to brag to everyone you come in contact with?

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